The Project

Master Plan

The "Green Hill Residence" project will comprise 33 mansions on an area of 18,552 square meters, all of them planned and constructed according to European quality standards.

The home owners can shape their life style entirely individually and independently there. If you’re looking for community, you are going to meet new and interesting people from different countries there – your neighbors.

The 2 park-like gardens are meant to invite for relaxing and are accessible to our residents around the clock.

We’d be delighted to assist you with your visa, vehicle purchase, health insurance, etc., so that you’re provided with all important necessities while in Thailand.

Land plot size overview:

Building Phase 1

Building Phase 1

Building Phase 2

Building Phase 2

We will asisst you with:

  • Visa Service

  • Vehicle Purchase

  • Health Insurance

  • Airport Transfer

  • Furniture purchase

  • Planning the in-built kitchen

  • Curtain purchase

  • Garden landscaping

Questions & Answers:

Have some of the houses already been built?

No, but there are good reasons for that! The market survey has been analyzed comprehensively, and the official sales period begins on October 25, 2017. With our broad offer of 5 different house types we aim to appeal to an equally broad target group. Therefore, construction work will only start after a house has been purchased.

In which language are the contracts written?

In German or English, whichever you prefer.

Are you also offering financing?

YES - Following a personal talk, we can furnish you with an individually designed financing offer that suits your needs!

Which accounting currency will be used?

The euro prices detailed on our website only serve a better overview. But all amounts in quotations, contracts and invoices will be exclusively made out in Thai baht (THB).

Who can become a customer?

Any legally competent person who doesn't hold Thai nationality.

How's the legal situation?

The contractually agreed land plot will be leased to the customer by way of a lease contract for the guaranteed period of 30 years. That contract will be registered at the local land office. Two additional leasing periods of 30 years each also can be agreed, resulting in a total leasing period of 90 years. Any buildings erected on the plot are at 100% the property of the customer and likewise are entered in the land office register. The customer is entitled to sell or pass on to their heirs both the land plot and the buildings with all attached rights and obligations.

Can I rent a mansion?

The villas are only available for sale at the moment!

Can I design my mansion to my taste?

Except for the ground plan, the roof, and the exterior color, you can decide on every other aspect of the design in order to lend your home your very personal note. If time and money play a secondary role, we have a solution for you: We can construct your dream house after your own ideas and on a separate land plot.

Can you also offer me real estate located elsewhere in Thailand?

No, because we are not a real estate agency. As project owners located in Chiang Mai, we exclusively construct residences within our own project, The Green Hill Residence, as well as houses within a radius of 25 kilometers thereof, if requested by the client.

How may I utilize my villa?

You may utilize your villa entirely freely, whether privately or commercially. Furthermore, you also may let your friends and acquaintances stay during your absence. You also are permitted to sub-lease to someone else!

How about internet access?

Excellent – the leading provider 3BB can install a fast connection (DSL 9000) upon application!

Are pets allowed?

YES, any and all non-dangerous pets are permitted!

Do you also offer a permanent resident permit?

YES, we can assist you in obtaining one.

Is Green Hill Residence a vacation resort?

No. We do not have a constant coming and going of tourists disturbing our quietude and endanger security. Within the residential complex The Green Hill Residence the home owners (residents) are among themselves and can enjoy tranquility and nature.

How do I know that Green Hill Residence is the right choice for me?

If you’re price conscious and would like to shape your life individually and after your own fashion, you surely should request a non-committal offer from us. Convince yourself that we are in fact offering far more than we promise.